Subject matter

007-231Despite the apparent nihilism of a photograph (what can possibly be gleaned as truth from a two-dimensional image that communicates no other information than visual?) photography can still be a powerful tool in communication of ideas. Stripping a photograph of its ability to record reality leaves an opportunity for it to communicate something else. This is where subject matter can play a vital role, for its ability to stimulate certain non-informational thoughts and responses. Most evident is the idea of beauty – a photograph, no matter how abstract, can contain the idea of beauty. But subject matter can also elicit other ideas as well. Much of this project is photographs of bones. What the bone is, or where it comes from is not particularly important, but the visual information of bone provides a catalyst to lead the viewer to investigate their perception of what bone means to them: mortality, age, structure. In the same way, a photograph of a street scene will be perceived by different people in different ways, most having nothing at all to do with the original location. e2_tarp1


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