Side project – EGP

billboardIn joining a new project, I had hoped to head in a different direction – but I find myself bringing this idea of transition to the new project instead, and I’m enjoying the results, despite some birthing pains. The Eugene Grid Project is a group of photographers who meet monthly and show photos we took of a particular section of the city, based on a map divided into a grid and chosen randomly. As a studio photographer for the most part and a wannabe nature photographer for the smaller part, this didn’t really fit with either of my usual styles. Street photography might be the best term for it, although we are free to interpret the grid any way we see fit.

Who would have though that so many things in the real world would be in such a visible state of transformation? It’s difficult, because defining transition is so slippery that everything can be seen in that state. I’m not sure exactly what my rules are, and I guess it doesn’t really matter, as perception is 90% of the job.

I find myself to occasionally be copying other members of the group – as I continue into this new world of photography, I hope that a style presents itself.



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