Forgotten things

012-05The word “object” comes from the Latin word “objectus” which is defined as “something presented to or thrown before the mind.” While this presupposes a mind separate from a body, wherein the body has nothing to do with the perception of the object, the idea still fascinates. It implies a distance between the object and ourselves that is somewhat uncontrolled. We drift through life and these objects come by as on a conveyor and we make sense of them based on the objects that have come before. We also prioritize these objects based on their worth and importance in our lives. When they are worth nothing and mean nothing, they are forgotten. Until, that is, we assign some importance to them again, which is what photography can do for a forgotten object. I photograph forgotten objects because they are important, because they feed the whole of our experience. The photograph of a bone forgotten in the woods assigns that bone with a new importance as art, as memento mori, as an object that exists in our world. It’s been said that time is nothing more than the experience of moments, and in the same way reality is nothing more than the perception of objects parading before our minds.


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