Creating an artist’s statement

012-14I seem to write a new statement every time I need one, often recycling bits and pieces of older ones and adding new ideas. I’m not sure this is the best way – it would seem to create a patchwork of ideas that get all muddied, rather than the crystal clear statement needed. So I’m going to try and write one now, starting from a quote which seems to be able to capture everything needed. This is for the project Photoliminal, the prints of which I recently received (from – highly recommended. They ship 16×20 prints flat!). It’s an inspiring moment, looking at the prints I’ll be showing in Santa Fe in three weeks. But that was the easy part – talking about them is always harder, because I’m never sure why I made them in the first place, but people like to know why.

Jasper Johns, a painter, once wrote in his notebook this quote, from which I hope to propel myself into a statement:

An object that tells of the loss, destruction, disappearance of objects. Does not speak of itself. Tells of others. Will it include them?


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