Two sentences

A project about the state of objects, their transformations and the denial to allow them to pass into obscurity. It is a record of their existence, and appreciation of their beauty and an investigation of memento mori.

Photography is the act of remembering. People, places, things once photographed become representations of our memory and provide a point at which we can more fully explore our thoughts and memories. Often, they provide with much more than just the time and place – we remember events that preceded or followed, emotions we once felt and ideas which altered our way of life. This project calls forth these ideas, strips away vital material and invites us to confront the ideas and feelings within us they elicit. 

The collection implies an organizational and classification system – a series of photographs of skulls and other bones have been recorded, labeled, and presented for inspection. This is the act of rememberence. Without order, without substantial proof of their existence, nothing can be gleaned from them. Without recording their image, they pass into obscurity and are lost to us. To photograph a skull is to bring it back to life.


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