Another excerpt

This work represents decay – the objects photographed are decaying, have decayed. That process continues in the original object;  something we theorize knowing only that all objects are in a constant state of decay. We know this because of science – we record and collect data about the movement and shedding of cells, of objects breaking down into their component bits through the action of life. We often think of decay as something to do with death – when we die, our bodies steadily lose their integrity and we become “one with the earth.” Decay, however, can also be understood as a process of becoming, rather than of dying. Rocks become sand, trees become earth and so on. These objects have been discarded and left to decay. By collecting and photographing them (as Garry Winogrand said “to find out what something will look like photographed”) the photographer has salvaged them from their natural process and set them along a new path – they represent a protest against their passing into oblivion.


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