Early in June, I attended the Review Santa Fe, a portfolio review event, designed to provide feedback on one’s portfolio by industry professionals. It is that event which has kept me from this page for so long, and only just now coming back to reinsert myself into my work. It was a difficult event for me – my portfolio was well received by some, not by others, as expected, but I found myself afterwards, after coming down from having four days to live my photography, being lost. It didn’t seem as though my portfolio, or this project, had much chance of succeeding. I’m stuck. Lots of ideas, but no clear direction.

It comes down to having an original idea. Are there any more? Has everything been photographed, and photographed by people better at it then I am? At the review, my work was called traditional more than once. Although sometimes meant as a compliment, it was hard to hear. It means to me that my work is derivative of others’ work – influenced too heavily by what I see. It was also mentioned that there’s too much reliance on the concept – not that it’s conceptual work, but that it needs accompanying text to make the intention known.


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