Eugene Grid Project

F4_030209_0078Sometimes it takes outward influences to kick us back into gear, and many times it’s the confluence of several things that provides just the kick needed. I have been struggling with a lack of motivation regarding photography in general recently – what to do, when to do it, how it’s done. I guess the closest description would be writers’ block – you sit down with a blank sheet of paper and the pressure to fill it with something meaningful, graceful and important is too much. I watch my wife write and write and marvel at her dedication and motivation and wish I could grab just a piece of that.

I once had a conversation with a photographer who no longer photographed for himself – he only photographed as need for the job. I asked him what he was working on for his Art, and he said “I gave up being an artist a long time ago.” I swore I would never do that – but I confess the idea is tantalizing. Creativity can be found in your job, and I can excel at that. And the Art world is a chasm of despair – rejection and attitudes take their toll on me. What is needed is a personal redefinition of what it means to be an artist – does it require that I show my art regularly, work and work for gallery representation, continue to reinvent the art of photography? I guess what I’m getting at is that it does not, or should not, mean that to me: not everyone can be successful as an Artist. What I need is a definition that allows me to play, to consider my photography a hobby, to rediscover what I enjoyed about it in the first place.

Hopefully the Eugene Grid Project can do that for me. The launching of the website has reinspired me to place my energy there, rather than continue along the path I had been traveling. The appearance of my brother’s blog, as well, has given me the bug again to talk about my work, and to above all, try.


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