Goodwill photographs

Photos from film left in cameras donated to Goodwill, St. Vincent’s and Salvation Army stores. Feel free to send me yours if you do this as well – I even carry a selection of batteries to the stores in case the camera is dead and I can’t get the film out. First, a few of the final moments for the film – shoppers testing the camera. A rare find, as it means the camera actually works and has film in it, which means they donated the camera without caring what was on the film.

I might have taken this shot. I can assure you, I did not take the next two.


Who tests a camera by taking a picture straight up? I suppose it’s not that odd, but still – there’s a viewfinder for a reason…


… and this ain’t it. Same woman? Perhaps – she seems to be holding the same object. Altogether different view.


2 thoughts on “Goodwill photographs

    • Don’t find it often enough yet to really make a business of it, and there are other sites set up for this sort of thing. But I’m open to where it might take me – I’ll have to visit the Goodwill in Rochester when I’m there. I just found a roll of film so old that the process for developing it is only available at one place, for $42!

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