Crappy cameras

I’ve always known that it’s the vision, not the camera, that makes the image. I’ve even experienced it from time to time. This time, I thought I’d share it. A weekend on the beach turned into an encounter with a lone sea lion (pictured last post) and two cameras. The previous image was taken with my Mamyia 7 – a hunk of plastic and metal far more expensive than I could afford with medium format film that’s on it’s way to extinction. A good camera – got some nice shots with it. This photo was taken with a Pentax IQ145 Zoom – a point-and-shoot film camera with a manual setting that crops to allow “panoramic” shots. In this case, the setting is broken – stuck half way open, creating an effect I quite like most of the time; sort of a half-vignette. The film was old, the camera crappy, but the light was good and the subject well-posed and there we go.


4 thoughts on “Crappy cameras

    • Thank you! And thank you for commenting and reminding me I have a blog that has been languishing for some time. Your website and photography are exquisite! I’m always glad to find other photographers in Eugene.


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